Everyone Comes Home Well


As a retired Air Force Fire Chief, MSgt Ashontay Owens put his life on the line every day to safeguard members of both his local and military communities. As Incident Commander for a multitude of emergency responses, Chief Owens had the ultimate responsibility of making sure that “Everyone Comes Home Safe” was a way of life and he did so both on and off duty. In his 20-year career, Chief Owens responded to multiple suicides involving military personnel & first responders… leaving a wake of surmounting devastation within the families that were left to carry on without their loved ones. Chief Owens has often felt that suicide could be prevented with more training, awareness, and early intervention and it is because of this, that he received a double master’s degree in human services and clinical counseling.

Once Chief Owens retired, he created the Crimson Melt concept which operates as “Oklahoma’s First and Only Grilled Cheese Bar”. The Crimson Melt, coupled with the mission of the Folds of the Flame, concentrates on bringing members of the community together through a heroic dining experience, while shining a spotlight on first responder suicide prevention. As Aristotle once said and embedded into the very fabric of the Folds of the Flame construct, “The Energy of the Mind is the Essence of Life” and Chief Owens has vowed to concentrate his energy towards supporting all our first responders and their families.

The Folds of the Flame is a dedicated initiative within the firefighting community, founded with the mission of preventing first responder suicides and promoting mental wellness. Our organization is built on the principles of unity, support, and understanding, recognizing the unique challenges faced by the heroes protecting our communities.

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The Folds of the Flame” evokes a strong image of unity, strength, and camaraderie within the first responder community, and we believe that mental health is as important as physical health. Our team is composed of passionate individuals, including firefighters, mental health professionals, and advocates, who are committed to creating a culture of resilience and empowerment within the first responder community.

Through education, advocacy, and peer support, we strive to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health issues and provide our heroes with the resources they need to prioritize their well-being. We offer a safe space for open dialogue, where our heroes can share their experiences, seek guidance, and access the support they deserve.

Together, we are united in our mission to ensure that every first responder knows they are valued, supported, and never alone. Join us in our journey to fold our strengths and experiences into a powerful shield against the darkness, illuminating the path towards mental wellness and resilience for all those who bravely serve in the line of duty.”

Mission Statement

“To champion the mental health acuity and well-being of first responders by fostering a culture of support, resilience, and understanding. Our commitment is unwavering: to prevent first responder suicides, foster mental wellness, and ensure that all of our heroes know they are valued, supported, and never alone.”

VISION Statement

“To create a world where no first responder feels isolated or overwhelmed, and where every individual can thrive in their mental well-being both personally and professionally with empowerment, support, and resilience”

At Folds of the Flame, we strive to create a resilient and supportive network within the first responder community to prevent suicides. We aim to ignite a flame of hope and solidarity, ensuring that every firefighter knows they are valued, supported, and never alone in their struggles. Through education, advocacy, and fostering a culture of open dialogue, we strive to extinguish the stigma surrounding mental health issues and provide the tools and resources necessary for firefighters to thrive both on and off the frontlines. Together, we fold our strengths and experiences into a powerful shield against the darkness, illuminating the path towards mental wellness and resilience for all those who bravely serve.

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