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Our team is fueled by patriotism and duty, committed to supporting the families of those who bravely defend our freedoms. With unwavering dedication, we honor their sacrifices and work tirelessly to ensure their well-being.

Ashontay Owens

Ashontay Owens


Ashontay “Tay” Owens, the youngest of five children, hails from Moore, Oklahoma, born to Dwight and Ruth Owens. His upbringing was shaped by his father’s military career, leading to a childhood spent as a military dependent in Heidelberg, Germany, until his family relocated to Bellevue, Nebraska, when he was 9 years old. Tay’s personal journey expanded when he met his wife, Cori Owens, during high school at Papillion-LaVista, and together they are proud parents to two young men, Camren (23) and Isaiah (21).

In 2001, Tay embarked on his career with the United States Air Force as a Fire Protection Apprentice, which propelled him to diverse locations across the globe. His service record boasts participation in five overseas combat deployment campaigns, alongside two one-year short tours to Korea and Honduras. The apex of his military tenure saw Tay assume the role of Fire Chief, entrusted with providing Presidential Standby Operations and fire protection for Air Force 1, President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, esteemed foreign dignitaries, and other notable visitors. Tay culminated his 20-year military career earning an unprecedented 93 awards and decorations to his credit. Notably, he holds dual Master’s Degrees in Clinical Counseling and Human Services from Bellevue University.

Transitioning to civilian life, Tay embarked on a new venture, introducing the Crimson Melt Concept as Oklahoma’s premier Gourmet Grilled Cheese and Fully Engulfed Milkshake destination. His innate passion for fostering community and ensuring a familial atmosphere resonates through his culinary creations. Within a year, Tay’s dedication to his local community earned him the Chamber of Commerce’s Salute to Excellence Rising Star Award for 2023.

Currently, Tay serves as a Community Resilience Coordinator (CRC) within the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma. In this capacity, he functions as a vital liaison between unit civilian employees and senior leadership, facilitating access to resources and services that bolster resilience and prevention efforts. Tay’s multifaceted role encompasses resource coordination, leadership of Peer Support Volunteer networks, outreach and marketing endeavors, provision of educational sessions, and serving as the primary authority on primary prevention for over 2,700 employees assigned to the 76th Maintenance Mission Support and Propulsion Maintenance Groups.

As the CEO & Founder of the Folds of the Flame Foundation, Tay holds the pivotal role of setting the foundation’s vision, mission, and strategic direction, encompassing the identification of long-term goals and strategies for achievement. Additionally, Tay oversees governance structures, including the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, managing tasks such as recruitment, meeting coordination, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Moreover, Tay manages financial health through budgeting, fundraising, and overseeing operations, while also spearheading program development and implementation aligned with the foundation’s objectives, fostering partnerships for service delivery.

Furthermore, Tay actively cultivates relationships with stakeholders, engaging donors, partners, and the community, while also monitoring program impact through data analysis and evaluation. Advocating for the foundation’s mission both internally and externally, Tay participates in public engagements and outreach efforts, elevating awareness and promoting the foundation’s initiatives to a broader audience.

Cori Owens

Cori Owens

Chief Financial Officer

Cori Owens, a native of Papillion, Nebraska, and a dedicated United States Air Force spouse for over two decades, currently resides in Moore, Oklahoma. While attending Papillion-Lavista High School, she met Ashontay, and together they have raised two exemplary young men.

Throughout her extensive experience as a military spouse, Cori has adeptly managed various challenges across seven different cities, ensuring the smooth operation of the home front during her husband’s shifts and deployments. Holding a degree in Accounting with Magna Cum Laude honors from Bellevue University, Cori serves as a Department of Defense Budget Analyst at the Pentagon.

In her eleven years of Department of Defense Civil Service, Cori has contributed significantly to command level operations, authored policy and guidance documents, and facilitated multiple financial acquisitions for Defense Support for Civil Authorities. Currently, she oversees a $900 million budget portfolio for high-ranking Air Force officials, leveraging her profound financial acumen in budgeting, auditing, financial program oversight, and strategic project management to maintain the Air Force’s financial stability.

Cori’s role as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the Folds of the Flame Foundation is pivotal, as she leads the organization’s financial operations with a keen focus on upholding fiscal integrity. Her responsibilities encompass strategic financial planning and budgeting, meticulous oversight of financial reporting for stakeholders, and diligent management of financial risks to safeguard the foundation’s assets and reputation. Moreover, Cori ensures strict compliance with financial regulations and reporting standards, conducts insightful financial analysis to guide decision-making, and may oversee investment management activities aligned with the organization’s mission and risk tolerance.

Jimmy Welch

Jimmy Welch


Edward Weig

Senior VP of Branding & Outreach

Edward “Eddie” Weig commenced his military career in January 1995 at the age of 19 by enlisting in the Army. After completing basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky, he emerged as a proficient M1A1 Armored crewman (Tanker). Throughout his illustrious tenure, he adeptly served in various capacities, including as an M1A1 loader, driver, gunner, and Tank Commander. Progressing through the ranks, he assumed leadership roles such as Section Sergeant, Platoon Sergeant, First Sergeant, Cavalry Scout First Sergeant, and Operation Sergeant Major within a Recon Squadron. Eddie’s unwavering dedication to duty led him to undertake five deployments to combat zones and two to non-combat zones. Culminating his service with distinction, he retired after 24 years, holding the esteemed rank of Sergeant Major. 

Transitioning into civilian life, Eddie now fulfills the pivotal role of Community Resilience Coordinator (CRC) within the 72 Air Base Wing, under the aegis of the Air Force Materiel Command, stationed at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. In this capacity, he serves as a vital conduit between unit civilian employees and senior leadership, providing essential resources and services to bolster resilience and prevention efforts. His multifaceted responsibilities encompass serving as a knowledgeable point of contact and referral source, overseeing Peer Support Volunteer networks, spearheading outreach initiatives, advocating for both on-base and off-base services, facilitating educational sessions like lunch and learns, coordinating walkabouts to ensure access to installation resources, and serving as the primary authority on primary prevention for over 4,000 employees assigned to the 76 Aircraft Maintenance Group.

In addition to his military service, Eddie assumes the role of Senior Vice President of Branding and Outreach for the Folds of the Flame Foundation. In this capacity, he is tasked with notifying all meetings of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee while maintaining an accurate list of directors. Moreover, Eddie is entrusted with developing and executing strategies to amplify the organization’s brand and visibility. This entails overseeing marketing, communications, and public relations initiatives to effectively convey the nonprofit’s mission and impact to stakeholders. He actively cultivates relationships with donors, partners, and the community to bolster support and engagement. Additionally, Eddie monitors trends and evaluates the efficacy of outreach efforts to continually enhance the organization’s brand presence and outreach.

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